Welcome to the Rotary club of Melton Valley


The good times.

2019 Changeover.
Guest speaker Jason Bartlet.
One of our more depressed members.
Now that could be a worry.
Two of our members working away on the BBQ.
Three of our members working away on the BBQ.
Don't know what these two are doing.
Ah the workers.
Don't worry I am guessing you are not the only person wondering what bet he lost.

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About Melton Valley Rotary

The Rotary club of Melton Valley has been in existance for over 29 years, we have contributed to helping a large number of people in our community, as well as national and international causes, but during this extended time our members have enjoyed themselves, while the focus is on making things better where we are able to, it is important that our members get enjoyment out of what we do.